SH/T 0103, ASTM D6278

This instrument is used for evaluating the shear stability of polymer-containing fluids.

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply of the controller: AC380V, 50Hz; 3000W
2. Power supply of the electric motor: AC380V, 50Hz; 1100W
3. Double-plunger injection pump: Bosch PE 2 A 90D
4. Diesel injector nozzle: Bosch DN 8 S 2-type
5. Electric motor: Siemens brand, with low noise
6. Pressure gauge: 0-40Mpa
7. Temperature meter: ±0.1℃ precision
8. Circulatory cooling vessel: ±5℃ precision
9. Sound proof chamber: Reduce noise by 70%. With transparent window.
10. Working condition: 15-35℃, RH≤80%

Main technical features
1. Built-in PC technology. Colored touch LCD. Man-machine interface. Easy to use.
2. The core components are all international brands to ensure the test reliability.
3. A sound proof chamber is equipped to reduce the noise significantly.