GB/T387,ASTM D1551

This instrument is used to determine the sulfur content in dark petroleum products which the sulfur content being more than 0.1% (m/m).


Main technical specifications

1. Power supply: AC 20V±10%, 50Hz; Power consumption is lower than 1000W
2. Oven type and quantity: Horizontal type; parallel double tubular oven
3. Chamber diameter of oven: Φ22mm
4. Heating power: 800 W
5. Max temperature of oven: 950℃
6. Movement distance of oven: ≥135 mm
7. Air flow rate: ≥(2×500)ml /min

Main technical features

1. Single chip microcomputer control system. The detection time, oven movement and timing alert are all controlled automatically.
2. It can determine two samples at a time. High efficiency and reliable results.