JTG E20-2011 / T0752, ASTM D3910


This instrument is used to test the compatibility and water resistance of the formed slurry mixtures.

Main technical specifications

1. Motor speed: 1400rpm
2. Power supply: AC380V, 50Hz. Three-phase four-core.
3. Maximum power consumption: 380W
4. Rotation speed of the grinding head: 140rpm
5. Revolution speed of the grinding head: 61rpm
6. Quality of the grinding head: 2.27kg (working quality)
7. The length of the rubber tube of grinding head: 127mm
8. The timer: 5-minute timing
9. Dimensions and weight: 690 * 620 * 710 (mm), 75kg
10. Ambient temperature: ≤35℃, RH≤85%

Main technical features
1. Excellent production, stable motor speed, accurate and reliable test results.
2. Equipped with an accurate electronic timer. It automatically stop the test after reach to the set time.
3. The motor speed stability is good.