JTG E20-2011/T0613

It is used to determine the breaking point of bituminous materials by Fraass method.

Main technical specifications

1. Measuring range and precision: (-30~100)℃,±1℃
2. Specifications of steel chip: 41mm*20mm*0.15mm(L×W×T)
3. Overall dimension: 450mm*180mm*170㎜
4. Maximum distance of clamp: 44mm
5. Altitude difference of step: 3.5mm
6. Weight: 5kg

Main technical features

1. The instrument is composed of outer cylinder, temperature preservation cylinder, thermometer, lower plate,upper grip, fixing pole, basement, guide rail, slider, handle, steel trip, etc.
2. The temperature preservation cylinder adopts double-layer glass.
3. The fixing pole and movable pole are made of bakelite to avoid the problems of metal meterial such as corrosion.