SDB-0751 Slurry Mixtures Consistency Tester

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JTG E20-2011 / T0751, ASTM D3910


This instrument is used to test the spread and ease of slurry seal layer to determine the appropriate water consumption in the mix design of emulsified asphalt slurry seal mixture.

Main technical specifications

1. Metal truncated cone:    upper diameter 38mm, lower diameter 89mm, height 76mm
2. Metal plate:    4mm thickness with concentric circles spacing 0.5cm

Main technical features

1. This instrument is composed of a truncated cone, an underboard and a base plate. The structure is simple.
2. The truncated cone is made of aluminum. Durable in use.
3. The base plate is made of stainless steel, durable and with a scale for easy reading.