JTG E42-2005 / T0334

The instrument is used to test the sand equivalent value(SEV) of fine aggregate.

Main technical specifications

1. Power consumption: 180W
2. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz
3. Size and weight: 670 * 560 * 550 (mm) 50kg
4. The vibration amplitude of test cylinder: 20.3 ± 1 cm
5. Period: 180 times / min ± 2 times / min
6. The weight of the piston: 1Kg ± 5g
7. Plastic test cylinder: diameter φ 32mm ± 0.25mm, height: 420mm
8. Flushing tube: outer diameter φ6mm ± 0.5mm, inner diameter: φ4mm ± 0.2mm

Main technical features

1. Double tube working. It can do parallel oscillation for two samples automatically. Easy to operate and high working efficiency.
2. The use of graphite sliding bearings improve the wear resistance coefficient and lower the noise.
3. Built-in timers and counters are set. The speed can be measured during operation.
4. The tube shelves on the instrument are designed for easy placement of the tubes.