JTG E20-2011 / T0624, ASTM D5801.

This instrument is used for measuring the toughness and tenacity of asphalt materials.

Main technical specifications

1. The tensile speed: 500mm / min
2. Maximum load capacity: 1000N
3. Minimum scale value: 0.001N
4. Measuring precision: ± 0.005KN
5. The maximum tensile length: > 300mm
6. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz
7. Maximum power consumption: 1000W
8. Dimensions: 700 * 500 * 1300 (mm)
9. Weight: 75kg
Main technical features

1. The stretching device is composed of a stepping motor and a ball screw. The movement is smooth.
2. The test can be controlled automatically. The screen displays the test results and force-displacement curves.
3. The integral algorithm is set inside the software. It can calculate the area of curves. The precision is high.
4. A built-in microprinter is equipped for data printing.