JTG E20-2011/T 0702

This instrument is used to blend the test specimen of bituminous mixtures before production.

Main technical specifications

1. Blending pot capacity: 60 L
2. Temperature range of the blending pot: Ambient to 250 ℃, settable
3. Temperature precision of the blending pot: ± 3 ℃
4. Blending time: 1 to 999s, settable
5. Overall dimension: 1650*1360*1000mm
6. Power consumption: 8KW
7. Power supply: AC380V(Three-phase four-wire)
8. Working condition: Ambient temperature: 5~40℃, RH ≤85%

Main technical features

1.High efficiency SCM and CMOS design. Reliable limit unit. SCR and PID algorithm controls the temperature precisely. After 60minutes of temperature control, the temperature fluctuation will be within ±2℃.
2.Special and settable temperature compensation function avoids the phenomenon that the temperature measuring point cannot reflect the actual temperature and the pot temperature being lower.
3.Program-controlled stirring. The stirring rate can be set at will.