JTG E20-2011 / T 0631, ASTM D139


This instrument is used to determine the flow behavior or consistency of certain bituminous materials.

Main technical specifications

1.Power supply: AC220V, 50HZ
2.Bath size: φ200*300(mm)
3.Capacity: 10L
4.Heating unit: Electric heating,power 1300W
5.Temperature range: 25℃〜80℃
6.Temperature precision: ±0.1℃
7.Float plate: Thickness 1.4mm±0.1mm
Weight 37.9g±0.2g
8.Copper tube: Thickness 1.4mm±0.1mm
Weight 9.8g±0.2g
9.Ambient temperature: ≤30℃
10.Relative humidity: ≤85%
11.Maximum power consumption: 2000W
12.Weight: 30kg

Main technical features

1. Intelligent temperature controller. High temperature control precision.
2. It can be also used as a constant temperature water bath.