This instrument is suitable for dispersing and emulsifying of the solid – liquid mixtures in laboratories.

Main technical specifications

1. Model MXR-A500-90 laboratory emulsification machine is the main unit.
2. Power consumption: 500W
3. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz
4. Capacity: 3~30L / (water as a standard)
5. Rotating speed: 300-11000rp / min
6. Speed adjusting form: Digital and stepless
7. The working head diameter: 90mm. The working head from the ground up to 330mm
8. Accessories: (long, round, mesh spindle working head, one for each)

Main technical features

1. High performance motor, low noise.
2. CPU digital display dynamic speed control, high degree of intelligence.
3. Modular design of the whole machine. Simple structure and easy operation.