JTG E20-2011 / T0755, ASTM D3910


This instrument is used to control the upper limit of the amount of asphatls in slurry mixtures.

Main technical specifications

1. Rolling frequency: 44 times / min
2. Crank radius: 152mm
3. Loading weight: 56.7kg ± 0.5 kg(when the vehicle is horizontal)
4. Route of the vehicle: 304mm
5. Rubber wheel hardness: HRC60-70
6. Sample plate: 77 * 407mm
7. Mould: 6.4±0.1mm, 12.7±0.1mm, internal dimension 55 * 380mm, outer dimension 406 * 76mm
8. Motor: 1400rpm
9. Dimensions and weight: 350 * 380 * 550 (mm), 80kg
10. Power supply: AC380V, 50Hz(three-phase four-wirel)

Main technical eatures

1. This instrument is a floor structure, and its structure design, specification and size of test instruments are all standard requirements. The design is novel, the structure is reasonable and the use is convenient.
2. The rolling frequency is set by the operator in advance during the test. When the instrument works, it will count automatically until the count value is equal to the set value. Then the instrument will stop working.