SDB-3142 Wear Preventive Characteristics Tester(Four-Ball Method)

SDB-3142 Wear Preventive Characteristics Tester(Four-Ball Method)

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GB/T 3142, SH/T 0189, SH/T 0202, SH/T 0204, ASTM D2266, ASTM D4172


This instrument is used to determine the relative wear-preventing properties of greases under the test conditions and if the test conditions are changed the relative ratings may be different.


Main technical specifications
1. Power supply:  AC380V, 50Hz
2. Temperature range:  Ambient~75℃
3. Temperature precision:  ±2℃
4. Spindle speed:  1000 ~ 1800r / min, adjustable
5. Test load:  15Kg, 40Kg
6. Maximum load:  800Kg
7. Microscope:  40 times and 100 times are selectable.
8. Division value:  0.01mm
9. Maximum power consumption:  2500W

Main technical features
1. The bracket is made from sheet steel. The height of base can be adjusted for easy placement and leveling.
2. The test balls are installed on the main rotating shaft by spring clamps. Easy for disassembly.
3. Lever balance principle is adopted in the loading system to make small weight produce large test load.
4. The temperature control table displays and controls the temperature of the test oil container to make it meet test requirements.
5. The measurement system is composed by a micrometer eyepiece, an objective lens and auxiliaries. The oil container can be placed directly on the system platform to measure. Easy and accurate.
6. Built-in timer. the rotation of the spindle motor will automatically stop at the end of the experiment. The accuracy of test time is improved.
7. Built-in overload protection device. When the ball 4 sintered, the instrument automatically stops the motor. More convenient to use.
8. Instrument design is reasonable, convenient loading and unloading the load. High precision spindle, small wear scar errors. Wear scar measurements quickly, easily and accurately.