SH/T 0109, ASTM D 1264


The instrument is used to determine the water washout characteristics of lubricating grease.


Main technical specifications
1. Power supply:AC220V,50Hz
2. Temperature range and precision:Ambient~100℃,±3℃
3. Control point:38℃ and 79℃
4. Power consumption:300W

Main technical features
1. The instrument is composed of bearing assembly and water washout testing unit. The bearing assembly can be installed and unstalled easily.
2. The water washout testing unit is composed of a bath, flow control valve, water pump and motor.
3. A digital temperature controller is equipped for stable temperature controll.
4. A water pump controls the water sprays onto the bearing at a required flow rate.
5. A timer is equipped inside. It will buzzing after test time over.