GB/T 11133,GB7600,GB/T606-2003,GB/T3727-2003,GB/8350,GB/8351,GB/T 6023,GB/T 6283,GB/T 11146-1999,SH/T 0246,ASTM D4928,ASTM D1533,ASTM D6304


This instrument is used to determine the trace water content in liquid petroleum products.

Main technical specifications

1. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±5%
2. Maximum power consumption: 50W
3. Maximum current: 400mA
4. Measurement range: 3μg~9999.9μg
5. Resolution: 0.1μg
6. Precision: 3μg: within ±20%, 10μg: within ±10%, 100μg: within ±1%, Over 100μg: within ±0.3%
7. Data saving: 496pcs
8. Built-in printer: Thermal printer
9. Calculation formula: 8 kinds can be selected.
10. Ambient temperature: 5~40℃
11. Overall dimension: 400mm×260mm×160mm
12. Net weight: 5kg

Main technical features

1. Delicate streamline design makes the appearance very nice.
2. The electrolytic process is intelligently control completely. It can ignore the influences of air humidity and stirring rate.
3. It adopts real-time dynamic impedance method to detect the end point of titration. The test results are more accurate.
4. The end point is settable. It guarantees the adaptability of different solvents with different sensitivities.
5. All core components adopt American industrial grade data conversion chip which have perfect linearity and long term stability.
6. International famous brands below are used on the core components.
IC:ANALOG,TI,ISSI,CY,SAMSUNG,Toshiba. Industrial grade
0.5uL sample injector:Austrilian brand