SDB-11133A Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator

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GB/T 11133,GB/T 7600,SH/T 0246,ASTM D1533,ASTM D6304

This instrument is used to determine the trace water content in liquid petroleum products. It is an economical automatic instrument.

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply:  AC220V±10%, 50Hz
2. Maximum power consumption:  50W
3. Maximum current:  400mA
4. Measurement range:  3μg - 100mg
5. Resolution:  0.1μg
6. Precision:
(1) Under 100µg:  ≤±3µg
(2) Over 100µg:  ≤3%(not including sampling error)
7. Data storage:  1000pcs
8. Built-in printer:  Thermal printer
9. Calculation formula:  5 kinds can be selected.
10. Working condition:  5-35℃, RH≤85%

Main technical features
1. Coulometric method. Rapid analysis and high precision
2. Colored LCD. Touch-screen operation.
3. The stirring rate is adjustable with sliding mode on the touch screen.
4. The dynamic curve indicates the test status with English explanation.
5. It can detect the end point automatically. Buzzer prompts.
6. 1000 pieces of data can be stored. A Built-in printer is equipped. 5 kinds of calculation formulas can be selected.