SDB-7550 Crude Oil Wax, Gum and Asphaltene Tester

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ZBE 21002,SY/T7550

This instrument is used to determine the wax, gum and asphaltene content in crude oils.

Main technical specifications
1. Low bath temperature range: (0~-30)℃
2. Refrigeration Compressors:   Closed 1/3P
3. Compensation heater: 400W
4. Water bath temperature range:  Ambient to 90℃
5. Temperature control precision:  ±0.2℃
6. Water bath heating power:  400W
7. Stirring motor:  6W*2
8. Power supply:  Ac220V, 50Hz

Main technical features
1.Instrument host from low groove and two parts water bath, cold sink medium for alcohol, water bath medium is water.
2.Cryogenic refrigeration system using imported closed compressor, R404A refrigerant, stable and reliable.
3.Digital temperature control instrumentation, electrical stirring, precise temperature control.