SDB-3554 Petroleum Waxes Oil Content Tester

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GB/T 3554, ASTM D721


This instrument is used to determine the oil in petroleum waxes having a congealing point of 30 °C(86 °F) or higher as determined in accordance with Test Method D938, and containing not more than 15 % of oil.

Main technical specifications

1. Power supply:AC220V±10%,50Hz
2. Temperature control of the wax melting bath:Ambient to 90℃,±5℃
3. Temperature control of the cooling bath:-35℃±0.1℃
4. Evaporation temperature:35℃±0.1℃
5. Air flow rate:(0~10)L/min
6. Timing range:(0~60)min

Main technical features

1. The temperature of these two baths(cooling bath and wax melting bath) are both controlled by digital temperature controller.Easy and visual to use.
2. Independent cooling unit is adopted. The -35℃ cooling bath has four cooling troughs. Two samples can be tested by each group.
3. The air flow rate can be controlled accurately and the flow time can be set at will in 60min.
4. The water bath should be supplied by users themselves.