SH/T 0703, ASTM D5481

This instrument is used to determine the high-temperature high-shear (HTHS) viscosity of engine oils at a temperature of 150 °C.

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
2. Maximum power consumption: 1500W
3. Temperature range: Rt. to 150℃
4. Temperature precision: ±0.1℃
5. Test unit: 3 units
6. Sample volume: 7±1ml
7. Pressure range: 350 to 4500Kpa
8. Working condition: 15-35℃, RH≤85%
4. Excel form can be generated for the test result.
5. The instrument can run continuously for 24 hours per day in 365 days.
6. Specifications of glass capillary tube: OD 0.15mm, length 16mm.

Main technical features
1. Integrated design. 7 inch Colored touch LCD. All test parameters can be displayed on the screen. Easy to use.
2. PLC control system. It can judge the pressure change more accurate.
3. Metal-block heating unit. High temperature precision.
4. Key components of the instruments such as the plug valve, capillary tube and calibration are all imported from Cannon company.
5. Manual and automatic sampling are selectable as per user’s need.
6. The instrument can recommend the pressure as per the expected viscosity value.
7. The test result can be saved and printed automatically.