SDB-0727 Abson Asphalt Recoverer

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JTG E20-2011/ T0727, ASTM D1856.

The instruments is used to recover the asphalt from a solution from a previously conducted extraction by the Abson method. The asphalt is recovered with properties substantially the same as those it possessed in the bituminous mixture and in quantities sufficient for further testing.

Main technical specifications
1. Temperature control range:   50~200 ℃
2. Power supply voltage:   AC220V, 50Hz
3. Power:   1000Wx2
4. Recycling capacity:   10L/h
5. Weight:   18kg
6. Dimensions:    960 * 600 * 500 (mm)
7. Ambient temperature:   ≤35%
8. Relative humidity:   ≤85%

Main technical features
Reasonable layout, compact structure, light weight, high integrity, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high automation.