JTG E20-2011 / T0702, ASTM D1559, AASHTO T245


This instrument is used to prepare the Marshall specimens which the diameters are Φ101.6mm and Φ152.4mm according to the standard test methods.

Main technical specifications

1. Hammer 1: 4536g±9g
2. Hammer 2: 10210g±10g
3. Fall distance of hammer: 457.2mm±1.5mm
4. Mould 1: Suitable for specimens of Φ101.6mm
5. Mould 2: Suitable for specimens of Φ152.4mm
6. Compaction speed: (60±5) times/min.
7. Power supply: AC380V,50Hz
8. Dimension and weight: 670*570*1800(mm), 175kg

Main technical features

1. Automatically counting. Automatically compacting. Automatically stop. All operation can be done on the 5 inch colored LCD screen.
2. Hammer lifting unit: Electromotive hammer lifting. Automatic compression unit.
3. All-in-one designed hammer. It will not drop or craze.
4. Both Φ101.6mm and Φ152.4mm Marshall specimens can be made.