SDB-0758 Rotary Bottle Abrasion Tester

SDB-0758 Rotary Bottle Abrasion Tester

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JTG E20-2011 / T0758


This instrument is used to determine the compatibility between the aggregate of a specific grade and the modified emulsified asphalts.

Main technical specifications

1.Rotating speed:20r/min
2.Maximum number of revolution:9999*100r
3.Maximum sample amount:8pcs
4.Maximum running time:9999min(actual is 180min)
5.Overall dimension:850*910*1300mm
6.Power supply:AC220V,50Hz

Main technical features

1.Excellent production, stable rotating speed, accurate and reliable test results.
2.Up to 8pcs of samples can be tested at a time, the test efficiency is high.