SDB-0308 Air Release Properties Tester

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SH/T 0308,ASTM D3274

This instrument is used to determine the air release properties of turbine, hydraulic and gear oils.


Main technical specifications
1.Measuring range:  0~99min
2.Timing accuracy:  ±1s
3.Temperature range:  Ambient~99℃
4.Temperature precision:  ±0.2℃
5.Air control precision:  ±2℃
6.Pressure  range:  0~0.2MPa
7.Power supply:  AC220V 50Hz
8.Maximum power consumption:  800W
9.Ambient temperature:  5℃~40℃
10.Relative humidity:  ≤85%

Main technical features
1.Micro computer processing and PID auto tuning technique.
2.The air temperature and water temperature can be controlled precisely at the same time.
3.The error caused by temperature differences among the water bath, air flow and densimeter can be overcomed.
4.Blue-colored LCD. Man-machine dialogue. The operation is simple.
5.It has advantages of stable performance, accurate data and good repeatability.