SH/T 0193, ASTM D2272


The instrument is used to determine the oxidation stability of steam turbine with the same composition (oil base oil and additive) . It can also be used to determine new mineral insulating oil containing 2, 6-BHT.

Main technical specifications

1. Power supply:AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz
2. Heating power:2500W
3. Pressure sensor:(0-1.6)MPa,precision ±2‰
4. Temperature range of the oil bath:Rt. – 200.0℃. Adjustable.
5. Temperature precision:±0.1℃
6. Test mode:Double-bomb design, can do parallel test.
7. Motor:(100±5)r/min
8. Angle between bomb and water level:30°
9. Oil bath capacity:30L
10. Dimension:550mm×800mm×1000mm
11. Net weight:45Kg

Main technical features

1. It controls the test procedures automatically. Curves and data will be displayed and recorded automatically. The inflection point will be deteced automatically. No need for human interference.
2. Temperature and pressure can be calibrated in real time to ensure the test precision.
3. Two samples can be tested at a time. The test effiency is high.
4. Imported brand of rotation unit. The stability is good and noise is small.