SDB-0162 Automatic Basic Nitrogen Analyzer

SDB-0162 Automatic Basic Nitrogen Analyzer

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SH/T0162-1992, SH/T 0413-1992


The instrument is used to determine the basic nitrogen content in the petroleum products and liquid paraffin with potentiometric titration method.

Main technical specifications

1. Measurement range:>3mg/g
2. Measurement bias:<5%
3. Potential measurement range:0〜±1999.5mv
4. Electronic unit basic error:0.1%F • S ± 0.5mv
5. Capacity of burette:10ml
7. Resolution of burette:0.01ml
8. Precision of burette:±0.1%F*S
9. Input impedance:>1x1012Q
10.Power consumption:≤60W

Main technical features

1. Windows OS, easy to operate.
2. High degree of automation, accurate analysis results.
3. Titration apparatus adopts imported key components(Metrohm).Stable and reliable performance, low noise.
4. Automatic cleaning, automatic constant liquid.
5. Automatically determine the end point, without indicator. Suitable for a variety of petrochemical products in the light and dark oil basic nitrogen analysis. The titration results and automatic data storage, automatic printing, and can provide a complete analysis of titration data for use。
6. Double high impedance input, the electrode potential stability, reliability.
7. Less sample is needed. Only 1g~50g will be used according to the detailed test range. Fast test period. Only 5 minutes will be used for each sample.