SDB-QX-G Octane Number and Cetane Number Analyzer

SDB-QX-G Octane Number and Cetane Number Analyzer

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GB/T503, ASTM D2699, GB/T5487, ASTM D2700, GB/T 386, ASTM D613


This instrument is used to determine the octane number of gasolines and cetane number of diesels.

Main technical specifications

1. Working environment: Temperature range: 10℃~35℃, Relative humidity: <85%
2. Measuring range:
(1)Aviation gasoline: 86.0~105.0/MON
(2) Gasoline for motor vehicles:National standard: 65.0~110.0/RON    National-V standard: 70~115.0/RON
Blended gasoline: 75.0~120.0/RON     Light gasoline:50.0~85.0 /MON
Isomerized gasoline: 85.0~120.0/RON   Arene gasoline:90.0~120.0/RON
Ethanol:   E93: 92.0~95.0/RON        E97: 95.0~99.0/RON       Judgement: 60.0~120.0/RON
(3) Automobile diesel fuels:25~75/CN(cetane number);   20~80/CI(cetane index)
3. Measuring accuracy: Aviation gasoline: ≤± 1.5/MON     Gasoline for motor vehicles:  ≤±1.5/RON  ≤± 1.5/MON
Automobile diesel fuels: ≤±2.6/CN  ≤±2.6/CI   Regression sample retest: ≤±0.5/RON   ≤±0.5/MON
Regression sample measurement: ≤±1.5/RON  ≤± 1.5/MON
Calibration accuracy: ≤±0.2/RON    ≤±0.2/MON
4. Precision(confidence level 95%): Reproducibility:  ≤±0.5/RON      Repeatability: ≤±0.2/RON
5. Minimum scale:  0.1/RON    0.1/MON   0.1/CI
6. Response time:  1s
7. Test result:  LCD display, it can store and print
8. Power supply:  AC(220±10%)V,(50±1)Hz

Main technical features

1. It adopts high precision test sensor, comprehensive analysis of large data,advanced calculation methods,the test result of gasoline octane number meets the requirement of GB/T 5487,GB/T 503 and ASTM D2699-86,the test result of diesel fuels meets the requirement of GB/T 386.
2. Gasoline octane number test:A test can display research octane number, motor octane number and antiknock index at the same time. Diesel fuels test can display the cetane number,to input standard density and mid-boiling point can get cetane index, to derive the correct the cetane number automatically.
3. The sensor signal adopts digital transmission technology, powerful anti-jamming performance, small variation, high precision, good reproducibility and repeatability.
4. It needs less test oil, every test only needs 150 ml samples; The test time is short, every test time is within 1 min.