GB/T 9171, ASTM D4684


This instrument is used to determine the yield stress and viscosity of engine oils after cooling at controlled rates over a period exceeding 45 h to a final test temperature between –10 °C and –40 °C.

Main technical specifications

1. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz
2. Temperature range: -70~100℃
3. Temperature precision: ±0.1℃
4. Data printing: Built-in Printer
5. Standard oil: A set of standard oils with certificates. 100ml/bottle(N105B).

Main technical features

1. Danfoss brand compressor. Good cooling performance.
2. Built-in precise circuit monitoring temperature, period and rotor motion.
3. The test can begin immediately without pre-cooling.
4. Improved pulley provides better stability and sensitivity.
5. Built-in operation system. All-in-one design. Save more spaces.
6. Specific cooling curve is allowed to be designed at will as per different oils.
7. Improved light alloy rotor. The tip is not easy to be broken and out of shape.Easy to clean.
8. Improved rotor heat preservation cover avoids frosting and provides better test precision.
9. Nitrogen purging function improves the test precision of yield stress and apparent viscosity.
10.Automatic temperature control. It will run for 48-53 hours after the estimated time as per ASTM D4684.