SDB-6538 Engine Oils Apparent Viscosity Tester(CCS)

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GB/T 6538, ASTM D5293


This instrument is used to test the apparent viscosity of engine oils and base stocks by cold cranking simulator (CCS) at temperatures between -10 ℃ and -35 ℃


Main technical specifications

1. Temperature range of circulatory cooling bath:Ambient~-60℃
2. Temperature precision of cooling bath: ±0.1℃
3. Temperature precision of stator: ±0.05℃
4. Viscosity measurement range: 1500~27000mPa.s
5. Repeatability&reproducibility: Can meet standard ASTM D5293
(Repeatability ≤2.6%,reproducibility ≤7.3%)
6. Data saving:1000 groups. Can be printed after connected to outer printer.
7. Ambient temperature: 10℃~40℃
8. Relative humidity: <85%
9. Maximum power consumption: 2.5KW
10.Power supply: AC220V±20%
11.Oil standards: standards with certificates: CL190(50ml), CL250(50ml)×2, CL320(50ml)
12.Packing dimension and G.W: 520mm×430mm×500mm, 45kg(Main unit)
610mm×570mm×700mm, 74kg(Cooling bath)
550mm×500mm×560mm, 25kg(Control IPC)

Main technical features

1. Touch-screen IPC with WINDOWS system.
2. Omron brand temperature controller. Light touch key operation.
3. Automatically detect rotation speed. Knob controls the current slightly. The manual operation error is small.
4. Danfoss brand compressor. The cooling performance is good.
5. A high precision motor is equipped.
6. Automatically calculate the result after calibrated with oil standards.
7. Automatically stop working and temperature rising after the test finish for rapid cleaning.
8. Built-in operation system. Stable performance.
9. Improved rotor. Low torque status.
10. The parameters of all oil standards can be edited and saved.