SDB-8018D Automatic Gasoline Oxidation Stability Tester(Induction Period)

SDB-8018D Automatic Gasoline Oxidation Stability Tester(Induction Period)

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GB/T 8018,ASTM D525

This instrument is used to determine the oxidation stability of gasoline by induction period method.

Main technical specifications
1.Power supply:  AC220V, 50Hz
2.Heating power:  1300W
3.Temperature control:  100℃±0.2℃
4.Pressure range:  0~1600kpa
5.Pressure sensor accuracy:  ±2‰
6.Test bombs:  2pcs
7.Overall dimension: 630*350*650(mm)

Main technical features
1.The instrument adopts advanced technology abroad, the operation is simple, the whole test process without personnel on duty, high degree of automation.
2.During the test, all the parameters of the system are displayed on the interface of the IPC. The pressure curves of the two oxygen bombs are drawn out in real time, and the test results are clear at a glance.
3.Traditional water bath for metal bath, no pollution, no need to feed water. The operation is more convenient.
4.The design of the thermal insulation system is highly improved.  It saves energy and avoids the risk of scald to the operator.
5.The integrated design of the test oxygen bomb assembly shortens the oil and gas pressure test pipeline, and ensures the good seal of the oxygen bomb in the test process, so that the test result is more reliable.