GB/T 8017, ASTM D323


This instrument is used to determine the vapor pressure of gasoline, volatile crude oil and other volatile petroleum products(not suitable for determining the vapor pressure of liquefied petroleum gas).

Main technical specifications

1. Power supply:AC220V±10%,50Hz
2. Test bombs:3 bombs
3. Tenperature control of water bath:37.8℃
4. Temperaure precision:±0.1℃
5. Temperature range:Ambient to 80℃,settable at will
6. Automatic rotation:350°
7. Display and operation:Colored touch screen
8. Pressure display:0.01Kpa

Main technical features

1. Full stainless steel water bath. Good corrosion resistance.
2. Digital displays the pressure and temperature. Adjustment and calibration functions are set.
3. Full stainless steel test bombs. Horizontal design. Automatically rotate at 350°。
4. High automation degree. The test procedures are all controlled automatically.The performance is stable.
5. A built-in microprinter is equipped for printing the result.A stirring pump with big circulation mode is equipped makes the temperature in the bath uniform.