JTG E20-2011 / T0735, JT / T 671-2006, ASTM D 6307, AASHTO T308


This instrument is used for quantitative determination of asphalt content in asphalt mixture and pavement samples for quality control, specification acceptance, and mixture evaluation studies.

Main technical specifications

1.Max. sample weight: 4000g , recommended sample weight: (1000~2000) g .
2.Combustion chamber maximum temperature: 800℃ ,accuracy :+5 ℃, standard working temperature :538 ℃.
3.Maximum temperature after burning: It can reach to 900 ℃
4.Combustion and filtration: Second combustion and high temperature filtration technology. The test exhaust emission can reach the standard.
5.Balance accuracy: 0.1g ,range of balance :10kg(American imported balance )
6.Test precision: 0.10%
7.Test time: 1200g sample only needs 30 minutes
8.The dimension of the combustion chamber: 350mm*440mm*330mm
9.Overall dimension: 700mm*800mm*1550mm
10.Packing dimension and GW: 950mm*750mm*1810mm, 260kg
11.Power supply: AC380V+10V,50Hz, current meter ≤ 40A(three-phase four-wire system,with zero line)

Main technical features

1.The body of the combustion furnace adopts aerospace insulation materials .It has good warm-keeping effect and short preheating time .The heating rate is rapid and it can arrive to standard temperature 538℃ in the 30 minutes .
2.It has good heat insulation characteristic ,when the inner of the furnace body arrives to the standard temperature , the temperature of outer furnace body will be lower than 45℃ ,and it has high operation safety ,for avoid the influence of the high temperature on the electronic scales measurement accuracy .
3.It adopts the second combustion function and high temperature filtration technology .The test exhaust emission reach the standard .
4.The function of the software is powerful .It can display temperature ,sample weight ,weight loss ,correction coefficient ,asphalt content and asphalt aggregate ratio .
5.The temperature adopts fuzzy control plan ,the temperature controlling accuracy is high and it has good stability .
6.Safety protection ,no use organic solvent that can damage the human’s healthy and environment ,it is a green product .
7.It adopts special structure .and ensure not to produce state error in the high temperature at the key measuring site .
8.7 inch industrial stage touch-screen .and the screen display large information ,operation is simple and convenient ,the work is reliable .Put the sample into the furnace and close the furnace door ,press the open key ,the instrument can be finished the determination automatically.
9.Real-time display test procedure data ,and it has self diagnostic function ,fault code indication function ,it can inquire about the history data and deal with it .
10.After the test finished ,the instrument has voice indication function and it can save and print out the test results .
11.The processing mode is flexible ,it can choose the software and hardware as accessories, it can connect with computer and common printer .It can use the USB drives to download the data and connect with the network function of the wet .