GB/T 386,ASTM D613

This instrument is used to determine the cetane number of diesels.

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply: AC380V±10%, 50Hz±5%; 3 Phase
2. Maximum power consumption: 10.0KW
3. Measuring range: 30-65
4. Repeatability&Reproducibility: In accordance with GB/T 386 and ASTM D613
5. Inner diameter of cylinder&Stroke: 82.55mm&114.3mm
6. Range of compression ratio: 8:1-36:1
7. Engine speed: 900±9r/min
8. Intake air temperature: 66±0.5℃
9. Flow rate and temperature of oil atomizer: 13.0±0.2ml/min, 38±2.0℃
10.Oil atomizing advance angle and Ignition lag angle: 13±0.2°(BTDC), 13±0.2°
11.Oil atomizer opening pressure: 10.30±0.34MPa
12.Cylinder jacket coolant temperature: 100±2.0℃
13.Lubricating oil temperature and pressure: 57±8℃, 172~207KPa
14.Working condition: 15-35℃, RH≤85%

Main technical features
1. Special DD-CFR integral indirect injection diesel engine is used. Daily maintenance free.
2. The professional combustion sensor DT60DS is designed according to the industrial standard, which makes it more stable and reliable.
3. The software monitors all kinds of test parameters in real time clearly.
4. Automatic precise measurement of cylinder displacement (equivalent to handwheel reading), accurate compression ratio reading can be obtained in real time.
5. It can save and print the test results. It supports LIMS network.

Original technologies
1. Precision oil atomizing knob–Ensures the oil atomizing speed accordingly.
2. DW30CU heat sink–For heat dissipation, no need to maintain daily.
3. CNManager® software–High integration, easy to use on the colored LCD.