SDB-384 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

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GB/T213, GB/T384

This instrument is suitable for measuring calorific value of coal, oil, coke, paraffin and other combustible materials, suitable for thermal power, smelting, cement, chemical and other industries as well as the relevant scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning.

Main technical specifications
1.Heat capacity:  about 14400-14500J/K
2.Oxygen bomb:  capacity: 300ml. Oxygen filling pressure: 2.8-3.0MPa. Hydraulic pressure: 20Mpa. Weight: 2.5kg. Dimension: φ86.2*181(mm)
3.Outer cylinder capacity:  51L
4.Inner water capacity:  2.1L
5.Display range:   0.000-40.000℃
6.Response time:  <4S
7.Resolution:  0.001℃
8.Power supply:  AC 220V,50Hz
9.Maximum power consumption:  30W
10.Ignition voltage:  AC 24V
11.Ignition time:  5s
12.Neight weight:  35kg

Main technical features
1.Careful calculation procedures, so that the measurement accuracy is greatly improved.
2.LCD display, full Chinese display, easy to operate.
3.Automatic control of the measuring process, automatic water injection, drainage, automatic ignition, mixing, calculation, printing the calorific value of the material being measured, the results of the experiment at a glance, the operation is simple and convenient.