SDB-300R Gasoline Octane Number Tester

SDB-300R Gasoline Octane Number Tester

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GB/T503, ASTM D2699(MON) and GB/T5487, ASTM D2700(RON)

This instrument is used to determine the octane number of gasolines by MON or RON method.

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply:  AC380V±10%, 50Hz±5%; 3 Phase
2. Maximum power consumption:  8.5KW
3. Measuring range:  40-120
4. Repeatability:  ≤0.3/M at 85 to 90(MON), ≤0.2/R at 85 to 90(RON)
5. Reproducibility:  ≤1.1/M at 85 to 90(MON), ≤0.7/R at 90 to 100(RON)
6. Inner diameter of cylinder&Stroke:  82.55mm&114.3mm
7. Range of compression ratio:  4:1-18:1
8. Sparking plug clearance&Valve clearance:  0.5mm&0.2mm
9. Engine speed:  900±9r/min(MON), 600±6r/min(RON)
10.Intake air temperature:  38±2.0℃, Adjustable(MON), 52±1.0℃, Adjustable(RON)
11.Gas mixture temperature(MON):  141-165℃ adjustable, ±1℃
12.Cylinder jacket coolant temperature:  100±1.0℃
13.Lubricating oil temperature and pressure:  57±8℃, ≥0.15MPa
14.Spark advance angle:  24±0.1°, adjustable(MON), 13°(RON)
15.Working condition:  15-35℃, RH≤85%

Main technical features
1. Two methods(RON and MON)can be switched quickly. 4 sample tanks are configured.
2. It supports both interpolation and compression ratio measurement.
3. The software monitors all kinds of test parameters in real time clearly.
4. Equipped with a large capacity air conditioning unit DW30AU with two levels of temperature control, to supply dust-free, dry and constant temperature air.
5. It can save and print the test results. It supports LIMS network.

Original technologies
1. Signal transformer--Ensures the interconvertibility of the knock sensor.
2. Precision rotary encoder--No need to adjust the spark angle mechanically.
3. Ambient pressure compensation module--Automatic compensation.
4. DW30CU heat sink--For heat dissipation, no need to maintain daily.
5. ONManager® software--High integration, easy to use on the colored LCD.