GB/T503, ASTM D2699(MON) and GB/T5487, ASTM D2700(RON)

This instrument is used to determine the octane number of gasolines by MON or RON method.

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply: AC380V±10%, 50Hz±5%; 3 Phase
2. Maximum power consumption: 8.5KW
3. Measuring range: 40-120
4. Repeatability: ≤0.3/M at 85 to 90(MON), ≤0.2/R at 85 to 90(RON)
5. Reproducibility: ≤1.1/M at 85 to 90(MON), ≤0.7/R at 90 to 100(RON)
6. Inner diameter of cylinder&Stroke: 82.55mm&114.3mm
7. Range of compression ratio: 4:1-18:1
8. Sparking plug clearance&Valve clearance: 0.5mm&0.2mm
9. Engine speed: 900±9r/min(MON), 600±6r/min(RON)
10.Intake air temperature: 38±2.0℃, Adjustable(MON), 52±1.0℃, Adjustable(RON)
11.Gas mixture temperature(MON): 141-165℃ adjustable, ±1℃
12.Cylinder jacket coolant temperature: 100±1.0℃
13.Lubricating oil temperature and pressure: 57±8℃, ≥0.15MPa
14.Spark advance angle: 24±0.1°, adjustable(MON), 13°(RON)
15.Working condition: 15-35℃, RH≤85%

Main technical features
1. Two methods(RON and MON)can be switched quickly. 4 sample tanks are configured.
2. It supports both interpolation and compression ratio measurement.
3. The software monitors all kinds of test parameters in real time clearly.
4. Equipped with a large capacity air conditioning unit DW30AU with two levels of temperature control, to supply dust-free, dry and constant temperature air.
5. It can save and print the test results. It supports LIMS network.

Original technologies
1. Signal transformer–Ensures the interconvertibility of the knock sensor.
2. Precision rotary encoder–No need to adjust the spark angle mechanically.
3. Ambient pressure compensation module–Automatic compensation.
4. DW30CU heat sink–For heat dissipation, no need to maintain daily.
5. ONManager® software–High integration, easy to use on the colored LCD.