GB/T 2013, GB/T 29617, SH/T 0604, ASTM D4052, ASTM D5002, ASTM D3505, ISO 12185, IP 559

This instrument is used to determine the density, relative density, and API Gravity of petroleum distillates and viscous oils that can be handled in a normal fashion as liquids at the temperature of test, utilizing either manual or automated sample injection equipment. It can also be used to determine the density of kinds of liquid chemicals or foods.

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply: AC100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
2. Maximum power consumption: 120W
3. Measuring range: 0.00000 to 3.00000 g/cm³
4. Measuring precision: ±0.0003g/cm³
5. Measuring repeatability: ±0.0001g/cm³
6. Temperature range: 15 – 40℃
7. Temperature precision: ±0.05℃
8. Calibration material: Air/Distilled water
9. Display: 7 inch colored touch LCD
10. Data storage: 64G, in PDF or Excel format
11. Data output: RS232, USB, RJ-45

Main technical features
1. U-shaped oscillating tube working principle. The density of liquid can be measured quickly with the functions of electronic excitation, vibration frequency counting and display.
2. Photoelectric detecting technique, Peltier semiconductor refrigeration, PID and PWM temperature control. 7 inch colored touch LCD operation. High working precision and automation.
3. Only 2 to 3ml sample is needed for one measurement. It lower the cost of sample.
4. It can be calibrated only by air and distilled water. Easy to calibrate.
5. Various kinds of data output ways are provided. The data management is easy.
6. It can also be applied in many other industries such as beverage industry, brewing industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.