SH/T 0689, GB 17930, GB 19147, ISO 20846, BS EN 15486, EN ISO 20846, ASTM D 5453, ASTM D5762

This instrument is used to determine the the mass% of total sulfur and nitrogen by ultraviolet fluorescence and chemiluminescence method. It is a high-end automatic instrument.

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
2. Maximum power consumption: 2000W
3. Measuring methods: Ultraviolet Fluorescence– Sulfur. Chemiluminescence– Nitrogen
4. Measuring range: 0.1-10000 ppm(Can be diluted when concentration is high)
5. Measuring precision: RSD<5%(Obatin from continuous 6 tests)
6. Temperature range and precision: Rt. to 1300℃, ±1℃
7. Air source requirements: Oxygen(99.999% purity) , Argon(99.999% purity)
8. Sample injecting device: Automatic liquid sample injector(156 units)
9. Working condition: 15-35℃, RH≤85%

Main technical features
1. PC control technology. All test procedures are fully automatic(Temperature control, flow rate control, sample injecting, data collecting, processing, saving and printing). The test result can be uploaded to LIMS system. Easy to use.
2. International brand of Xenon lamp is selected as the UV light source. It has a much longer lifetime than Zinc lamp. All core parts including the Xenon lamp, membrane dryer, photomultiplier, filter membrane, heating wire and calibration standards are American, European and Japanese brands to ensure the high stability and precision of the tests.
3. Mass flowmeter is equipped so that the flow rate can be controlled more accurately.
4. The gas cut-off pretection function can make the instrument stop working if the gas supply is not stable to avoid pollution and ensures the safety.
5. International brand of 10μL, 25μL and 50μL syringes are optional.

Original technologies
1. Automatic sample injector: Automatic sample feeding and changing. It has 156 sampling units. No need of human action. High working effiency.
2. Reaction chamber: The double leakage (light&gas) protecting technology makes the reaction chamber sealed against light and gas leakage. It highly imporves the test sensitivity and precision.