GB/T269, ASTM D217

It is used to the determine the consistence changes after the work of mechanical shear to judge the mechanical stability of lubricating grease.


Main technical specifications

1. Power supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz
2. Power consumption: 370W
3. Stroking rate: 60±10 strokes per min.
4. Rotating speed: 1400r/min
5. Reducer:Double shaft reducer
6. Transmission ratio : 25:1

Main technical features
1. Colored touch screen operation. Automatic counting and stopping.
2. Two pieces of Pt 100 temperature sensors are equipped for monitoring the temperatures of the working environment and the motor.
3. Motor drives the reducer to ensure the 60 times/min shearing speed.
4. A coupler connects the worm speed reducer to make the speed reach up to 1400r/min.
5. Grease worker: Installed on the side bases of reducer. 60±10 strokes per min.