SH/T 0122, ASTM D 1831


The instrument is used to determine the changes in the consistency, as measured by cone penetration,of lubricat-inggreases when worked in the roll stability test apparatus.


Main technical specifications
1. Power supply: AC220±10%,50Hz
2. Temperature range in the tank: Ambient~80℃
3. Rolling rate: 165±15r/min
4. Amount of rolling cylinder: 2 cylinders
5. Roller: Φ90×180mm,5kg, stainless steel
6. Heating mode: PTC ceramic heating.
7. Timing unit: Digital timer

Main technical features
1. Microcomputer temperature controller.
2. Digital display. ±5℃ precision.
3. Digital timer records the working time with a buzzer.
4. Belt drives the rolling. Two cylinders can be tested at a time.
5. A thermometer holder is on the cover. Locating ring is equipped on the free-rolling wheel to control the rolling cylinders work normally.