GB/T269, GB/T 4509, JTG E20-2011-T0604, ASTM D217, ASTM D5

The instrument can be used to determine the cone penetration of lubricating greases or needle penetration of asphalt.

Main technical specifications

1. Cone:① Full scale: Weight of cone: 102.5±0.05g. Weight of movable attachments: 47.5±0.05g.
② 1/2 scale cone: Weight of cone: 37.5±0.05g. Weight of movable attachments: 15±0.025g.
③ 1/4 scale cone: Total weight of cone and movable attachments: 9.38±0.025g.
Note: 1/2 scale cone and 1/4 scale cone are optional.
2. Grease worker:① Full scale: working route 71mm
② 1/2 scale: working route 35mm
③ 1/4 scale: working route 14mm
Note: 1/2 scale worker and 1/4 scale worker are optional.
3. Measurement range: 0 ~ 600 penetration.
4. Cone releasing route: Over 62mm
5. Reading precision of digital scale:±0.01mm
6. Timing range: 5s
7. Timing bias: ≤0.02s
8. Repeatability: <2+0.03P,P is the mean value of two results
9. Power supply: AC220±10%, 50Hz±2%
10.Dimension: 530mm×290mm×360mm

Main technical features

1. Fine adjusting knob and rough adjusting knob are equipped with self-locking function. Easy to operate.
2. The digital scale can be adjusted during the test.
3. Good manufacturing technology to make the cone releasing smoothly.
4. Needles for testing asphalt or wax are optional.