SDB-268 Conradson Carbon Tester

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GB/T 268, ASTM D189


This instrument is used to determine the amount of carbon residue left after evaporation and pyrolysis of petroleum products. And it can provides some indication of relative coke-foaming propensities.

Main technical specifications

1.Porcelain crucible: Totally glazed. Wide mouth. Capacity 30±1mL.
2.Sheet-iron hood: Φ125mm, 52mm(Lower part)
Φ50mm, 53mm (Upper part)
3.Insulator: Φ160mm; Φ89mm(top), Φ83mm(bottom), 34mm(thickness)
4.Burner: Φ24mm

Main technical features

1.Simple design. User can do test easily with household fuel gas(or other civil gas) after buying the instrument.
2.As a matter of convenience, a nozzle for LPG is provided(already equipped on the burner) because some users choose LPG as the gas source. A nozzle for fuel gas is also provided. If user choose fuel gas as the gas source, please remove the nozzle for LPG and install the nozzle for fuel gas.