GB/T 268, ASTM D189


This instrument is used to determine the amount of carbon residue left after evaporation and pyrolysis of petroleum products. And it can provides some indication of relative coke-foaming propensities.

Main technical specifications
1. Porcelain crucible: 30±1ml.
2. Inner iron crucible: 75±5ml.
3. Outer iron crucible: 190±10ml with cover.
4. Supporter: The height is 250±10mm.The bore diameter is Ф130±5mm
5. Flame shield: The diameter of upper port is Ф90±2mm. The diameter of lower port is Ф82±2mm
6. Round iron cover: The height of underpart is 50-53mm. The height of cone in the middle is 25±2mm. There is a No of iron wire as the fire bridge on the top. The height is 50±3mm. It is regarded as the indicator of max height.
7. Blowtorch: It adopts gas torch.
8. Dimension: Ф130mm×400mm

Main technical features
Simple design. User can do test easily with household fuel gas(or other civil gas) after buying the instrument.