SDB-0657 Chemiluminescence Total Nitrogen Analyzer

SDB-0657 Chemiluminescence Total Nitrogen Analyzer

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SH/T0657, ASTMD4629, ASTMD5762

This instrument is used to determine the total nitrogen content in crude oil, distillate oil, petroleum gas, petrochemical products, plastics, food and water.

Main technical specifications
1. Measuring range:0.1mg/L~10000mg/L
2. Gas source:Argon(99.999% purity) or oxygen(99.999% purity)
3. Sample status:Solid, liquid or gas. All status can be tested.
4. Temperature range:Ambientt~1100℃,control accuracy:±3℃
5. Measuring precision: 0.1mg/L≤X<1.0mg/L:≤±0.1 mg/L, 1.0mg/L≤X<10mg/L:Cv≤ 1 0%, X≥10mg/L: Cv ≤5%.
6. Instrument configuration: Host and temperature control system, automatic sampling device, etc.

Main technical features
1. PC cpntrol technology. It can control all test procedures automatically(data collecting, processing, saving and printing). The operation is easy. The result is good and reliable.
2. Imported photoelectric multiplier tube and filter. The test sensity is rapid and stable.
3. Both solid and liquid sample can be tested. Gas sample can also be tested by this instrument. The application range is wide.
4. The needed sample amount is little. The analyzing speed is rapid, The analyzing period for each sample is about 2min.
5. The cooling fan will be on and off automatically. No need to wait to switch off the instrument after test.