SDB-0536 Microcoulometry Salt Content Analyzer

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The instrument is used to determine the salt content in oil products and chemical products. It can also be used for the determination of salt content in heavy oil, residual oil, chemical products, all kinds of industrial water and discharge water, and is suitable for the determination of inorganic chloride ion in various samples.

Main technical specifications
1. Titration method:Microcoulometry titration
2. Endpoint detection method:Automatic discrimination of the instrument by means of indicating the reference electrode
3. Detection sensitivity: 0.1ngNaCl/ul
4. Measuring range: Salt content(0.2~10000)ngNaCl/ul
5. Measuring time: Less than 3 minutes per sample(without sample treatment)
6. Ambient temperature:(10~40)℃
7. Relative humidity: ≤85%
8. Working power supply: AC220V 50Hz

Main technical Features
1. It adopts the principle of microcoulometry analysis, independent research and development of operating software and test software, the test is accurate, the analysis precision is high.
2. The instrument has a wide range of detection, high sensitivity, strong adaptability, and 0.1ngNaCl/uL sensitivity, and the test results are in line with the requirements of the international common method.
3. Test samples less. Only 1g for each time. The test time is fast, each test time is about 3 minutes.