YK series balances are analytical balances which can be widely used in kinds of fields.

Main technical specifications
1. Maximum capacity and readability: 220g, 0.1mg
2. Pan size: φ80mm
3. Output port: RS232/USB
4. Calibration mode: Internal
5. Overall dimension and net weight: 360×220×350mm, 8kg

Main technical features
1. 120*55mm bule backlight LCD. It can show units: g, mg, ct, oz, ozt.
2. Powerful functions such as basic weighing, counting, density weighing, check weighing, percentage and animal weighing, etc.
3. With the sensor technology of German STL software, it supports multi-point calibration and has more stable performance.
4. The windshield of all around antistatic coating can effectively shield the electrostatic interference.
5. Electromagnetic balance sensor.