WYA series Abbe refractometers are instruments that can measure the refractive index and average dispersion of transparent, translucent liquid or solid (mainly transparent liquid). Refractive index and average dispersion are two of the important optical constants of materials, which can be used to understand the optical properties, purity and dispersion size of materials.

Main technical specifications
1. Measuring range:1.30 nD to 1.70 nD
2. Measuring accuracy:0.0002 nD
3. Resolution:0.0005 nD
4. Temperature display:Digital temperature
5. Applicable temperature range:10℃~70℃(controlled with the thermostat)
6. Overall dimension:200×100×240mm
7. Net weight:2.6kg
8. Thermostat:
(1) Temperature: -5℃~100℃,±0.1℃ (2) Working port dimension: 150×150×150mm (3) Pumping capacity: 8L/min (4) Cooling: Compressor (5) Outer circulation

Main technical features
1. Visual targeting, optical dial reading. Easy to operate.
2. Hard-glass prism. Stainless steel base. Good anti-corrosion and long lifetime.