ANA43-99C IR Carbon&Sulphur Analyzer is developed for the accurate and safe analysis of carbon and sulfur in inorganic samples. it can rapidly and accurately conduct content determination of carbon and sulfur in materials like steel, iron, alloy, nonferrous metals, etc. This is a high-tech product that integrates optical, electrical, computer, and analytical technology into one Used in Mining, Construction Material, Food, Geology, Commercial Inspection, Automotive, Aviation, Steel Products, Minerals, Non-Ferrous Metals, Non-Ferrous Metal Alloys, Inorganic Materials, Research. Also known as Laboratory IR Carbon Sulfur Analyzer.

Main technical specifications
1. Power Supply: AC 220V +5%,50Hz+2%
2. Carbon Measurement Range: 0.00001%-99.99999%
3. Sulphur Measurement Range: 0.00001%-99.99999%
4. Carbon Analysis Precision: RSD-0.5%
5. Sulphur Analysis Precision: RSD-1%
6. Carbon Detection Point C Pond (can add low C Pond)
7. Sulphur Detection Point S Pond (can add low S Pond)
8. Carrier Gas Oxygen: Purity >99.5%, Pressure: 0.18 MPa +5%
9. Operation Gas Oxygen: Purity 99.5%, Pressure: 0.18 MPa+5%
10. Time of analysis: 20 to 60 seconds adjustable (Usually 35 seconds)
11. Sensitivity (The minimum readings) C/s0.1 ppm
12. Dimension&Weight: 540x600x800 mm, 80 kg
13. Sample weight: 0.5g

Main technical features
1. Advanced User-Friendly interface.
2. Automatic Diagnosis System
3. Linearization calibration technology.
4. Long MTBM (Mean Time Between Maintenance)
5. Quick and efficient procedure reduces the cycle time and enables the user to enjoy a stress free operation environment.
6. High Throughput.
7. Whole machine adopts modular design, highly integrated electronics circuits.
8. Fully automatic cleaning system with noiseless and vacuum-free dust removal.
9. Fast and easy maintenance.