With D-trite bottle titrator, you can titrate quickly and consistently with the highest accuracy, whether in the laboratory, on the production line, or in the field, even in a small operating space or without a power interface.

Main technical specifications
1. Working range:0.01mL~99.99mL.
2. One-time working amount:10mL(maximum) and 10uL(minimum)
3. Working accuracy:R=0.2%, CV=0.07%
4. Speed regulation:16 grades
5. Ambient temperature:10℃~30℃
6. External components:Controller and magnetic stirring unit.
7. Power supply:AC220±5%, 50Hz

Main technical features
1. All digital operation. Easy to use.
2. Electronic control system makes the titration procedure stable and accurate.
3. LCD screen sets and shows test parameters.
4. An USB port is set for communication with PC.