SZ series water distillation units are devices for producing pure water for laboratory inspection and quarantine. This device is suitable for testing centers, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, hospitals and enterprises’ laboratories, providing water for analysis and test, reagent, experiment and analytical instruments.

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply:AC220V±5%,50Hz
2. Maximum power consumption:3Kw
3. Water capacity:1600mL/h
4. Working unit:Double-unit

Main technical features
1. Quartz tube heating. It has the advantages of energy saving, clean, longevity and high radiation rate.
2. Made of high quality wear-resisting stainless steel. The support column, column seat, rings and clamps are made of special engineering plastics. The control panel and connector are made of high quality glass. Condensation circulation system. The distilled water is not in contact with any metal. The water purity obtained by distillation is high.
3. The relay protection device work during distillation. Safe and reliable. Each distillation switch is controlled by a temperature controller and a reed water level indicator to avoid dry burning of heating tube. When the water level reaches a certain high or low position, the power will be automatically connected or cut off to ensure the automation and safety of the distillation.