UV1801 Vis Spectrophotometer

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Uv-visible spectrophotometer is an analytical instrument based on the principle of uv-visible spectrophotometry, which uses the radiation absorption of material molecules to the uv-visible spectral region for analysis.

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply:AC220V, 50Hz/AC110V, 60Hz
2. Optical system:Single Beam, Grating 1200 lines/mm
3. Light source:Imported Deuterium&Tungsten lamp
4. Detector:Imported Silicon Photodiode
5. Wavelength range:190nm~1100nm
6. Wavelength accuracy:±0.1nm
7. Wavelength repeatability:≤0.1nm
8. Spectral bandwidth:1nm
9. Photometric range:0.0~200%(T),-0.3~3(A),0~9999(C)
10. Photometric accuracy:±0.3%T
11. Photometric repeatability:0.1%T(0~100%T)
12. Stray light:0.05%T@220nm,360nm
13. Baseline flatness and stability:±0.002A, ±0.0005A/h@500nm
14. Noise:±0.001A
15. Display:320*240 LCD
16. Communication port:USB port & parallel port(Printer)
17. Packing dimension:810×660×390mm
18. Gross weight:27kg
19. Working environment:10~40℃, RH≤80%

Main technical features
1. Large 320*240 dots highlight LCD.
2. Powerful functions like photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, kinetics, spectrum scan,  DNA/protein analysis, multi-wavelength test, etc.
3. The newly designed excellent optical system and high performance holographic blazed grating ensure the low stray light of the instrument.
4. The socket-type deuterium and tungsten lamp can make the lamp switching without optics debugging and easy to be replaced.
5. Large sample chamber can accommodate 5~100mm cuvettes of all kinds.
6. Extensive accessories are optional, such as auto 8-cell holder, film holder, tube rack, peltier/sipper system, 21CFR compliant software,etc