SDB-8022 Lubricating Oils Demulsibility Characteristics Tester

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GB/T 8022, ASTM D2711

This instrument is used to determine the ability of oil and water to separate from each other.

Main technical specifications

1. Power supply: AC220V±5%, 50Hz
2. Temperature sensor: RTD, Pt100
3. Temperature range:  Ambient to 100 ℃,can be set at will
4. Temperature precision: ±0.2℃
5. Temperature display:  Digital display
6. Sample holes: 2 holes
7. Ambient temperature: 5~35℃
8. Relative humidity: ≤85%
9. Maximum power consumption: 2000W

Main technical features

1.Stainless steel bath. The corrosion resistance is good. Easy to clean.
2.Digital temperature controller is equipped. The temperature control performance is good.