SDB-6541 Automatic Interfacial Tension Tester

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GB/T 6541-86(1991)


This instrument is used to measure the non-equilibrium conditions of mineral oil in water interfacial tension (Liquid-liquid interface). It can also be used to determine surface tension of various liquids (Liquid-gas interface).

Main technical specifications
1. Display:  240*128 LCD
2. Button:  No marking buttons on the menu
3. Measuring range:  (2~400)mN/m
4. Sensitivity:  0.1mN/m
5. Accuracy:  0.1mN/m
6. Resolving power:  0.1mN/m
7. Repeatability:  0.3%
8. Applicable temperature:  (10~40)℃ (Typical value: 25℃)
9. Power supply:  AC220V, 50Hz
10.Maximum power consumption:  100W
11.Size& net weight: 190*240*350(mm), 6kg

Main technical features
1. An electromagnetic balance sensor is adopted to improve the measurement accuracy and linearity.
2. In the calibration process, only one point need to be calculated to make it simple and convenient for calibration.
3. Integrated temperature detection circuit makes the temperature compensation for the results automatically to solve the effect of the temperature on the results.
4. It displays the equivalent tension value and the weight in real time. It can be used as an electronic balance.
5. The zero adjustment, data measurement, calculation, printing are all automatically controlled. 300 pcs of data can be saved.
6. Can be connected with PC to realize the network management.