SDB-6536D Automatic Distillation Unit

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GB/T6536,ASTM D86

This instrument is used to determine the boiling range characteristics of such products as light and middle distillates, automotive spark-ignition engine fuels, aviation gasoline, aviation turbine fuels, diesel fuels, bio-diesel blends, marine fuels, special petroleum spirits, naphthas, kerosines, white spirits, etc.

Main technical specifications

1. Power supply:AC220V±10%, 50Hz
2. Power consumption:1200W
3. Temperature range:0~450℃
4. Temperature control precision:±0.1℃
5. Temperature sensor: RTD, Pt100
6. Initial boiling point appears: 5~15min
7. Distillation rate (From initial boiling point to 95%recovery):4-5ml/min
8. From 5mlresidue to end point:≤5min
9. Initial boiling point detection:Optical fiber sensor
10.Recovery measurement range:0~100ml
11.Recovery measurement precision:±0.1ml
12.Ambient temp.:10~40℃, RH ≤85%

Main technical features

1. Single Chip Microcomputer controls all test procedures. Color touch-screen displays all data and curves.
2. The liquid level tracking system is composed of America-imported stepping motor, ball-type positioning screw and straight-line laser tracker.
3. Danfoss brand compressor is equipped for refrigeration.
4. Automatic heating control.
5. The instrument can provide the temperature under specified volume or volume under specified temperature.
6. It can correct the temperature to the value under standard atmospheric pressure automatically.
7. The instrument can save, inquire and print test results.